Online Services

The following are the online services provided by our department:

Import Permit
Import Permit for ENA
Retailer Permits
Export Permit for IMFL
Export Permit for ENA
Export Permit for Beer
How to Apply

Application of permit can be done by completing the following steps :

Apply for Permit.

Log into your account and go to Apply for Permits.

Fill the Permit type details

Select the permit you want to apply for, choose the premise and fill all the details required for the permit

Make Online Payment

After filling up all the details, you can submit your application and make online payment for the applied permit.

Print Permit

After the application has been approved, you can search your application and print the permit issued by the office under My Applications.

Permits Issued every Month
Monthly Consumption

These are the total consumption of bottles in the month of {{currentMonthYear}} by various premises.

Import Consumption


Retailer Consumption


Total Permits Issued in the
Current Financial Year
Issued Permits {{districtName.length>0? ' : '+ districtName : ''}}

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